Weight = 82.2kg

Loss this week = 0.7kg

Total loss = 9.8kg

Total Loss

If you told me 6 weeks ago that I’d weigh 82.2kg at the end of this program I would never have believed it. I’m ecstatic with the result. The only dampenor is that I’m realising I’ve spent a good part of my life looking like my before pic instead of looking like my after pic. I’ll tell you one thing, I don’t plan on going back.

Luke Wardle before photoLuke Wardle after photo

In my final week, I did a hard run on Friday. For you inner westies out there, I did the bay run (little under 6km) in 29min 54sec, had 5 minutes rest and then did it again in 30min 22sec.

Saturday’s workout was a 2 hour class that I ran and participated in at Rushcutters Bay. 15 of us did a mix of things. 4 massive hill sprints in between functional strength circuits of Kettlebell swings, burpees, box jumps, skipping, dumbbell push press, deadlifts, a 6 minute boxing round and a game of touch footy to finish off. The session had a great vibe and it was a really good way for me to finish off the program and I appreciate those who came along.

I took Mia, my 3 year old to the park on Sunday for one of our usual little workouts. We ride to a park at broadway and I do heaps of chinnups and other body weight exercises in between playing with her on the play equipment. She’s cute because she’s like my trainer, she says ‘come on dad’ and runs me to the various stations and then try’s to copy me. Alyson (my wife) met us down at the park after that and took the ‘after pictures’. Mia took her shirt off just like dad and had a pose.

Luke Wardle after photo 1

Luke Wardle after photo 2

Darren, one of my clients, organised an ocean swim for bondi surf club on easter Monday so I decided that if Brooklyn wasn’t out of hospital by then, I’d give the swim a go and then have a few beers after at Bondi to celebrate the finish of my program.

Brooklyn had a bit of a setback, he had an apnea and chocked on his vomit after a bottle. He was off the monitors but luckily the nurse noticed him as he was turning a little blue. The doctors are saying that it’s not an uncommon thing and sometimes premature babies just have problems coordinating swallowing and breathing. He’ll be monitored for another week before he can come home.

I’ll probably read over this blog in years to come when I want to remember how Brooklyn came in to the world. Perhaps Brooklyn might even read it one day. So, i just wanted to say to Brooklyn that although we don’t even really know you yet, you’ve already touched so many people’s lives and me, your mum and your big sisters love you and can’t wait to have have you home with us. You’ve been my driving inspiration to go to the next level and give this last 6 weeks everything I had.

Madi and BrooklynMia and Brooklyn

Since Brooklyn wasn’t home, I did the 1km ocean swim a Bondi. I weighed in on Monday morning (82.2kg) before the race. I’ve never been a fantastic swimmer and this was my first swim race, let alone ocean swim race. The chop from the surf was something that i obviously don’t get in my pool swims but I felt pretty strong. I didn’t go crazy hard as I didn’t want to get 500 meters out to sea and have a panic attack after getting kicked in the head or something by another swimmer. I did it in 20 minutes and 37 seconds. The average time for the race was 20 minutes 46 seconds so I was stoked to be faster than that. It was a satisfying accomplishment and a high note to end my 6 weeks on.

Luke Wardle Swimming

After the race, first thing I’d did was have a sausage on a roll. Second thing I did, was have another sausage on a roll. A couple of hours and a couple of beers later the guys were bringing in the cans from the race and they had to chase a shark back out to sea – bit scary.

Luke Wardle Sausage on a roll

Where to for you…

People have said to me ‘I could never do it’, ‘I could never have the discipline’ to do what I’ve just done. Part of the reason I think that people don’t give it everything they’ve got is because they don’t truly believe that by following a healthy diet and exercising regularly that they can have the body they’ve always dreamed of. They think that there must be something else to it and they are stuck with the body they have. There is nothing else for me to say or do, I’ve told you as much as I know, I’ve shown you how do it, done it under pretty hard circumstances so the ball is in your court. If you want to transform your body, just go for it, enjoy the challenge and I guarantee you’ll surprise yourself. If you’re a Box Class participant, you’re already in pain in every class –  ensure you get a reward from it!

Thanks so much for reading. If you have any questions, want help embarking on your own body transformation challenge, want to come and train with me at Box Class or just want to pay me out about shaving my chest and posting pictures of myself all over the net then I’d love to hear from you.

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