I’m always getting asked how to lose weight. There are many conflicting views which often just adds to the confusion. The media is driven by people who are looking for an easy way, a revolutionary new pill or product that will transform their bodies with minimal effort. For most people, what is required is dedication, commitment, hard work, knowledge, preparation and planning.

THERE IS NO EASY WAY PEOPLE!…but it’s not complicated once you know how. I can talk all day about what you should be doing but I think a much better way is to show you.

Welcome to my 6 week challenge in which I’ll show you how to lose 6kgs of body fat and get a 6 pack in 6 weeks. Every Monday I’ll update the blog on how I reign in my diet and bump up my fitness routine. I’ll show you how to count your calories, give you meal examples, training ideas + more. This won’t be easy for me but I’m committed to the challenge and I’d love you to follow my progress as I’m sure you’ll learn a lot of things and may be even inspired to have a crack at your own personal weight loss challenge.

(1st post coming Monday 12th March and every Monday after that for 6 weeks)

Luke Wardle 6 kilograms, 6 weeks, 6 pack

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