A little bit of background. I’ve never really restricted my diet. In fact, up until I was about 23 (I’m 32 now) I would try and eat as much food as I could to put on muscle. Playing semi professional Rugby League you needed to have a fair amount of muscle behind you. Since then, I’ve always worked in the fitness industry and the nature of the job keeps you fairly fit. I eat healthy food but I don’t really restrict much of the foods that I know I should probably cut out. I love cheese, beer, wine, sourdough bread, pasta, fruit, yoghurt, cappuccinos, fried eggs, meat pies, pizza etc.

I’m embarrassed to say, I’ve shown people how to lose weight but never really adhered to a strict diet myself. I mean I eat good foods but lots of them and I don’t hesitate to indulge on the odd occasion.

I’m going to show you how do it, not just tell you. Hopefully you’ll get more out of the process. However, as much as I want to help you, for me to give up some of the foods I love and to get me out of bed to exercise in the pouring rain on the only day I get to sleep in, I need some other goals to motivate me. I suggest you do a similar thing before embarking on your own program.

Week 1 first training session

So hear goes;
-My wife and I have our third baby due in early May. My house is going to be a bit of a mad house and I want to be in good healthy shape to be able to withstand the sleepless nights after long working days.
-When the baby comes, I want to get some professional pictures taken with him/her. Most likely with my shirt off holding the baby or something. I just think it will be a good way to look back and be able to say that I was in good shape then (in case I get very stressed and fat in the next 10 years) and a great way for me to celebrate and bond with the new baby.
-Compete in the Urbanathalon on the 22nd of April, the half marathon on the 22nd of May and later in the year tough mudder and city to surf.
– lose a Minimum of 6kg

To do this I plan to
– Restrict my calories to under 2000 calories a day
– 25% Fat, 40% Protein and 35% Carbs
– Eat Majority of Carbs in the morning,reduce in the afternoon and night.
– 6-8 meals a day
– Exercise every day, with a combination of strength, high intensity and endurance workouts

To find out how many calories you should be eating see http://www.burnthefat.com/calorie_cheat_sheet_1.0.pdf. To easily track how many calories that I should be eating to reach my goal weight I’m using www.myfitnesspal.com (has an awesome free Iphone app).


What I actually did in week 1:

Week 1
Starting weight 91.8
Finishing weight 87.7
Total loss = 4.1kg

How I did it…
Total calories intake: 12,648
Average daily calorie total: 1,807
Average daily carbohydrate intake per day: 34%, 158g
Average daily protein intake per day: 38%, 173g
Average daily fat intake per day: 28%, 58g

be prepared

A sample day (Tuesday):

Meal 1
Protein shake 44g
Apple 100g

Meal 2
Rolled oats 75g
Seed mix (Kapai Puka) 12.5g
Protein Shake 44g

Meal 3
Hard boiled egg

Meal 4
Chicken breast 125g + Brown rice 62.5g with fresh herbs

Meal 5
Chicken breast 125g + Rocket 50g + Cherry tomatoes 50g + Red capsicum 25g + Seed mix 12.5g
Cottage cheese 20g

Meal 6
Tuna in sunflower oil 92.5g
Rocket 50g
Cottage Cheese 20g
Red Capsicum 25g
Carrot ½ large carrot
Green beens 3 beans
Mushroom 1 large
Seed Mix Kapi Puka 12.5g

Meal 7
Beef 150g
Mushroom 2 large
Carrot ½ large
Green Beans 3
Broccoli 4 spears
Pumpkin 75g

A typical lunch

Exercise week 1:

Weekly calorie exercise expenditure = 5616
Monday: 400 Meter interval runs on 3 minutes x 10 (under 1.25m per lap)
Tuesday: 30 minutes strength, 15 minutes boxing + Run Class (5.6km intervals)
Wednesday: 10.7km run
Thursday: Kettlebell Class + 45 minutes swimming
Friday: treadmill and rowing intervals – 1km treadmill + 1 km row x 5 (under 4 minutes each interval)
Saturday: 30 min easy bike ride 20min body weight exercises in the park
Sunday: Boxing 45 minutes, spin 45minutes

you’ll need support

I stayed under my 2000 calories a day goal (average was 1800), this was made up of about 28% fat as opposed to my goal of 25% fat so I’ll try and get it down a bit more next week. Majority of it is all good fats but still, I don’t want to be eating too much as my goal is to drop weight. I was happy with my workouts that I did during the week, I felt pretty good most of the time and most of the sessions where pretty intense workouts.
I haven’t given too much away in this first blog but I just want to set the tone of what the plan is and I look forward to going in to a bit more detail as I go on my 6 week journey.

Stay tuned to next Monday’s Blog and learn how two MAJOR events threaten to totally derail me from my 6 week plan.

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