Weight = 87.4kg

Weight loss this week = 0.3kg

Total weight loss = 4.4kg


11,221 total calories for 6 days (Sunday not included as it was a right off)

Average calories per day for 6 days = 1870

Average Carbs per day = 34% = 161g

Average Protein per day = 39% = 182g

Average Fat per day = 27%= 56g

Sunday was a total right off but probably had about 4000+ calories I haven’t included it in my calculations but it obviously would have had a massive impact on my figures (read on to see what happened).

A sample day – Thursday

Meal 1

Rolled Oates 75g

Seed mix Kapai Puka 12g

Blueberries 13

Banana 1/3 medium

Protein Shake

Seed Mix

Meal 2

Sough dough toast  1 slice

eggs 2

Lite milk 100ml (coffee)


Meal 3

Chicken breast 175g

Brown Rice 150g

Meal 4

Chicken breast 133g

Garden salad 2 cups

Cherry tomatoes 5

Green Beans 7

Mushrooms 2/3 cup sliced

Meal 5

Tuna in spring water 168g


Meal 6

Beef strips 167g

Capsicum 38g

Chinese Broccoli 150g

Green Beans 7

Meal 7

Cottage cheese 40g

Seed mix Kapai Puka 13g

Blueberries 12



4612 total Calories burnt in the week

659 calories average per day

Monday: 11 x 400 meter sprints on 2min 50sec, about 1min 25sec per lap

Tuesday: Run Class and Kettlebell Class

Wednesday: Nothing…boo

Thursday: 10.7km run

Friday: Sandhills 45 min (4km run + 5 Sandhill sprints)

Saturday: Boxing 20 minutes on heavy bag and 40 min Crossfit weights circuit – dips, squats, deadlifts rows 3 rounds of 20 reps, cable cross overs, dumbbell push press, decline sit-ups 3 rounds of 20 reps.

Sunday: Nothing….boo

Some FAQ I received this week:

Is it healthy to lose 4kg in only 1 week?

Most of the weight was water. When you are eating a high carbohydrate diet you retain a lot of water. By cutting down my calorie intake and carbohydrate intake as well as ramping up my workouts I lost a lot of that water. Absolutely it’s safe and fine to lose that in the first week.

Carbs in morning?

Yes I’m trying to have most of the carbohydrate and sugar rich foods in the morning (Oates, brown rice, fruit) and less at night. This is called carb tapering. I’m also decreasing the size of my meals as the day goes on – calorie tapering (visit http://forums.kitakitz.com/post?id=5257379 for information on this).

More meal plans?

I’ll post a sample day of meal every week. Most days are fairly similar. Some staples are Oates, chicken, protein shakes, tuna, vegetables. I suggest you choose healthy foods that you like. I hate Brussel sprouts so I don’t eat them, I like asparagus so I eat them.

Weighing food?

Yes I’m weighing each and every meal. This is the only way you can be truly accurate and know what you’re eating. Just enter it in to myfitnesspal on your iPhone or iPad and it will do or the all calculations for you.

Lunch 1 and Lunch 2

Is this sustainable long term?

I’m learning a lot from just calculating my calories and fat, carbs and protein every day. So, the education of the program will definitely help me in the future when understanding how much food I’m eating each meal/day and what is required to burn this off in my workouts. In the future I obviously won’t be weighing my food every meal but I will have done it that many times by the end of the program I won’t need to, I’ll just know how much is in the meal.

How do I feel?

The first 3 or 4 days of the 6 weeks I had a few headaches but after that I’ve felt great.

Stop doing so many weights and do more cardio!

Weight training can be just as effective if not more effective for weight loss as traditional cardio type exercises. The key is to select functional weight training exercises that incorporate major muscle groups together and complete them back to back with little or no rest in between sets and reps. For example on Saturday my workout included traditional power lifting exercises – squats and deadlifts along with bent over rows, dumbbell push press, decline sit-ups, cable cross overs. When you work out this way your major muscle groups all require blood at the same time which means your heart and respiratory system will be working overtime. By training this way you’re simultaneously working your cardiovascular system and major muscle groups.

Another important point.

As I said last week, calories in vs calories out is the key to wait loss. Myfitnesspal will help you keep track of both. It’s also important to know track how much carbohydrates, fat and protein that you’re eating. You don’t want your calories to be made up of too much fat for example or not enough protein. In my plan I’m aiming for:

25% fat (mostly all good fats)

40% protein

35% carbs (mostly complex carbohydrates and fruit)

What happened during the week…

I had two major things happen to me this week. The first was the opportunity to purchase a house with my sister and potentially subdivide the property. With a growing family I’ve been trying to move back to the shire where I grew up as it’s more affordable and we can hopefully have a little more space than where we are at the moment in Annandale. I put my unit in Drummoyne up for sale and I spent a good part of the week doing figures with my mum who is a mortgage broker, inspecting the property etc. I missed a workout on Wednesday because I had too much I needed to do and there were a few meals that I could have prepared a little better if I’d had more time.

As I mentioned last week, my wife is having a baby. During the week, Alyson started to get pains and also some bleeding. After going to the GP a couple of times during the week she admitted herself in to hospital on Saturday afternoon and she started getting contractions. The baby wasn’t due for another 8 weeks so it was a very scary thing for us to be going through. The doctors told us that what would most likely happen is the contractions would stop and the baby would go full term. The doctor gave her two steroid injections that would speed up the babies lung development in case it was born premature. They said that the steroids wouldn’t take full effect until Monday 4pm so if the baby came before then, it could have problems breathing. We were both in denial and just thought the contractions would go away and she’d go full term – that didn’t happen.

Alyson called me at 6.15am the next morning and said she was being admitted in to the labour ward. I had some breakfast and dropped Mia (my 3 year old) to my mother in laws and got to the hospital at 7.30am. Within 38 minutes of arriving I had a son (we are that unprepared we haven’t even got a name for him yet).

My Son

At 32 weeks he had trouble breathing so he was rushed off and placed in an incubator and put on oxygen. It was a very terrifying experience.  The next 24hrs was obviously very stressful and the last thing I was thinking about was my diet. I had a few toasted sandwiches, cappuccinos, banana bread and a number of other things throughout the day.

That evening, I contemplating throwing in the towel but I decided to keep at it. I spent a good hour cooking and preparing my meals for the next day so that I could get back to the hospital at the crack of dawn.

The baby and my family need me to be at my best to help us all get through this and I somehow feel like I’m letting my son down if I give up. After all, he is toughing it out fighting for every breadth all I have to do is do a few workouts and plan my lunch.

It will also wipe anyone else’s excuses right off the table. I’ll be juggling running a business, a wife and newborn baby in hospital while my two daughters have to go on with life as normal. It’s going to be tough but I’m up for it and at the moment I feel strangely even more determined.

A Motivational Video that gets me fired up

How Bad Do You Want It

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