Weight = 85.9kg

Weight loss this week = 1.5kg

Total weight loss = 5.9kg


14646 total calories for 7 days

Average per day for 7 days = 2,092

Average Carbohydrates per day = 38% = 203g

Average Protein per day = 38%=199g

Average Fat per day = 24%= 55g

A sample day – Sunday

Meal 1

Rolled Oates 75g

Seed mix Kapai Puka 12g

Blueberries 17

Strawberries 2

Banana 1/3 medium

Protein Shake (GNC Low Carb Delite)

Meal 2

Light milk 100ml (coffee)


Dark rye toast  1 slice with vegemite

Breakfast and Paper

Meal 3

Chicken breast 135g

Brown rice 125g (sun rice 90 second)

Mushrooms 2/3 cup sliced

Fresh herbs


Meal 4

Protein Shake (GNC Low Carb Delite)

Smoked Salmon 50g

Cottage cheese 20g


lite milk 100ml (coffee)

Meal 5

Protein Shake (GNC Low Carb Delite)

Shaved leg ham 50g

Peach slices canned 100g

Meal 6

Lamb Chops Lean 135g

Capsicum 70g

Chinese Broccoli 125g

Sweet potato 75g

Meal 7

Cottage cheese 75g

Seed mix Kapai Puka 13g

Strawberries 2

Peach slices 62g

LSA 4g

Chia Seeds 4g


5395 total calories burned during exercise

771 average calories per day burned during exercise


11 x 400 meter sprints on 2min 50sec, all under 1min 25sec per lap


Run 3.4 km, swim 1km freestyle, run 3.4km


Boxing 20 minutes heavy bag

5 x 500m rower 1 min rest

40 minutes crossfit weights circuit


10.7km run




Boxing 20 minutes on heavy bag

1km run treadmil (1-16.5km/hr, 2-16.5km/hr, 3-16.3km/hr, 4-16.3km/hr, 5-16.2km/hr) 1km rower x 5 all under 3min 45sec


Swimming 1km freestyle, 500metre breastroke, 5 x 100 meter freestyle sprints on 2min 30sec

Crossfit functional strengh 60min.

Circuit A – 5 sets

Chins 10

Db push press 10 x 15kg

Burpees 10

Db press 10 x 25kg

1=2min 30sec

2=2min 42sec

3=3min 08sec

4=3min 36sec

5= 3min 25sec

Circuit B – 5 sets

Squats 10 x 90kg

Cable crossovers 10 x 20kg

Decline situps 7.5kg med ball 10

Toes to bar 10

1=3min 30sec

2=3min 02sec

3=3min 02sec

4=3min 17sec

5=3min 01

What happened this week…

This was the hardest week of my life.

Brooklyn Luke Wardle (yes he has a name) was born last Sunday morning at 32 weeks (8 weeks premature) so I’ve spent much of the week up at RPA. With preemie babies the issues are breathing – their lungs aren’t fully developed, temperature – they can’t regulate their own temperature and feeding – they can’t suck yet. Other than that, once he gets on top of these things, the fantastic staff at RPA has assured us that he will be absolutely fine.

Brooklyn Luke Wardle Cronulla Sharks

I spent all my time sitting with Brooklyn and then visiting my wife who was a few floors up who didn’t get to actually see Brooklyn until Tuesday. I brought my meals in to the hospital and although the staff didn’t really appreciate it, I’d taken up half the cupboard and fridge space in the kitchen. I stuck to the plan the whole week, kept my fat intake at an average of 55g a day (24%) and my average calories although higher than last week was still very good at a little over my target of 2000 calories a day. After such a stressful week I had 2 glasses of red wine Friday night with my mum as a little bit of a celebration and put some music on and had a nice time with Mia my 3 year old who has had to deal without having mum or dad around all week.

On Monday I went back down to see Brooklyn at 4pm. I wasn’t allowed in as the doctors where doing their rounds so I made myself get my exercise gear on and go for a run to clear my head. Initially it was going to be an easy jog but I found an oval at the university and decided to do my usual Monday 400 meter sprint session.

Having been a personal trainer for several years, every now and again I get a client who bursts out in to tears during a workout. It must be something to do with hormone release. After 6 or 7 sprints I found myself thinking of Brooklyn fighting to breath. I couldn’t help but think, the harder I run and the more pain I’m in then it could somehow help him be in less pain. I really pushed myself extra hard with the last 5 or 6 sprints and found myself fighting back tears in between each interval. It was really emotional and after trying to be strong for everyone for the past 2 days it was a bit of a release for me.

Brooklyn’s courage and fight really inspired me to work extra hard and smash myself in all my workouts and that showed with my weight loss. Whenever I was struggling to breathe I’d just think of him and tell myself to toughen up. If I wasn’t by his side then I better be doing a workout that’s worthwhile otherwise I’d be better of being with him.

Tuesday’s session was a satisfying one. I swim with my sister Melissa and she beats me fairly convincingly, much to the amusement of my nephews. I was pretty chuffed to have kept on her feet for the duration of the first 500 Meters. The loss in weight seems to have helped my swimming heaps.

Saturdays session was a killer. I started with 20 minutes boxing, then 5 sets of 1km runs on the treadmill + 1km row (give this a go it’s a good one). I kept all 10 intervals under 3 minute 45 seconds. Sunday afternoon’s workout was also very tough. After an early morning swim the weights circuit I did really smashed me (I’ve listed specifically what I did above under Sunday).

I’ve been really proud of myself this week for going so well under the circumstances. Here’s another you tube clip that has given me a bit of inspiration to keep it going (http://youtu.be/obdd31Q9PqA).

Lastly, I’ve had so many people send their well wishes this week and I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much for your support. I’ve really appreciated it.

Our families have also been overwhelmingly supportive and it’s so nice to know that we have so many wonderful people in our lives only too willing to drop everything for us and help us out.

If any of you have any questions about my exercise or diet please let me know on my Facebook page and I’ll answer them. I’ve posted a lot of stuff about my personal life in the past 2 blogs so if you have any questions about the routine I’m following or you’d like help with your own similar routine or if you’d like me to cover something next blog please let me know on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/boxclass.

Thanks for reading! Tune in next Monday, I’ll have some video footage of me melting the calories away and burning of some steam with a killer 15 rounds on the punching bag + heaps more.

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