I’ve achieved my weight Goal in less than 4 weeks!

Weight = 84.3kg
Weight loss this week = 1.6kg
Total weight loss = 7.5kg

My calorie intake and calorie expenditure was pretty similar to my previous weeks so I won’t list a heap of numbers this week. Meal plans were also very similar to previous weeks.

I had really good week in terms of weight loss and I’m really surprised at how much weight I’ve lost.

I had some really tough sessions. With my workouts, as you should do with yours, I’m progressing as I get fitter and stronger. By progressing I mean doing exercises faster, longer, heavier, more repetitions etc. Here is what I did this week:

12 x 400 meter sprints on 2min 40sec, all under 1min 23sec per lap (1min 17sec rest between sets)

Run Class (1.10pm Circular Quay) about 6km of intervals, stairs etc
Kettlebell Class (5.45pm Observatory Hill) series of functional resistance training circuits and exercises

Boxing 45 minutes heavy bag, 15 x 2 min rounds

Kettlebell Class ( 5.45pm Observatory Hill) series of functional resistance training circuits and exercises
Box Class (joined in the Rushcutters Bay (joined in the evening class as we just had a small group of the die hard regulars)

Run 10.7km

Run 3.5km + 2km of swimming (combination of sprints and continuous swimming)

Nothing – Sick

Mia on a horse

You can see by comparing my numbers to previous weeks I’m adding extra intervals and completing various splits quicker than when I first started. I obviously love boxing and love the competitiveness of group classes but I also enjoy being able to do things to a certain time like the interval splits involved in some of my workouts as I like having my last session as a benchmark to try and beat. Training like this prevents slacking off and taking short cuts.

I did 15 x 2 minute rounds on the heavy bag on Wednesday, check out my video of the workout http://youtu.be/Rmyr_Tl-GmU.

I joined in the Box Class at Rushcutters Bay on Thursday as I only had a small group of regulars (loved the session Des, Vanette and Gil you guys are seriously fit!).

On Sunday I woke up with a bug which floored me for the whole day. I laid on the lounge all day and after my usual oats in the morning I could only stomach a few crackers the rest of the day.

As you know if you’ve read my previous blogs, I’m preparing most of my meals in advance so that I’m prepared for the coming day. This is something that you have to do to stay on track. I have however been stuck a couple of times throughout the program.

Sushi Rolls are a great healthy fast food I’ve grabbed on the run on occasion. I’ve had a take away Barramundi, brown rice and salad from the AMP food court in Sydney a couple of times – an awesome healthy lunch for about $10. I’ve also taken the kids out a couple of times to the fish and chip shop and just ordered a grilled fish and salad for myself. You have to account for the fact that these places use a fair bit of oil in cooking (I’m not using any when I cook at home) so be sure to enter that into your calorie counter as well to get a more accurate intake.

My wife and I went out for dinner on Friday night as a bit of a celebration, the first time we’ve relaxed a bit with each other. We bathed Brooklyn for the first time (for those new readers my son Brooklyn was just born premature 2 weeks ago) and then went up to Newtown. I ordered an entree of smoked salmon and Duck with Lentils for main. I had 2 glasses of red wine with dinner.

Although this meal would obviously contain way more calories than my usual dinner, in terms of the week as a whole, it didn’t affect my total calorie intake much at all.

I’ve been extremely tired throughout the week. I’ve felt pretty depleted in some of my workouts as well. I’m putting most of this down to lack of sleep as opposed to diet and exercise. I’m pretty much running on 5-6hrs of sleep. My day looks something like this:

Protein Shake + Fruit

Teach Box Class

Oates and coffee

Answer Emails + Admin etc

Egg + Shaved Turkey + Rocket + cherry tomatoes

Answer Emails + Admin etc

Brown Rice + Tuna + Mushrooms
Protein Shake

Brown Rice

Teach Box Class

Chicken breast + Salad


Chicken Breast + Salad
Protein Shake

Teach Classes

Salmon + Veggies


Go to hospital to see Brooklyn

Cottage Cheese + seeds + Blueberries


Brooklyn is doing really well in his second week on the planet. He has progressed to not requiring any oxygen and the nurses are gradually upping his feeds to pack on the pounds. He’s progressed out of the first ICU room into the high dependency room and he is now out of the temperature controlled crib and into a cot – good work you little champion! One of my mates sent me a text when he found out we named him Brooklyn saying ‘…he sounds tough like his old man’, he’s certainly had to be tough in his first few weeks of life and we’re very proud of him already.

Brooklyn’s uncle (Alyson’s Brother), is Paul Gallen who plays Rugby League for the Sharks. He sent a nice SMS to Alyson before he ran out of the dressing room to play last year premiers Manly. He said ‘…this one’s for Brooklyn’. Paul went on to lead the team to a massive upset, did some super human amount of hit-ups and tackles and got man of the match. Great stuff Paul – loved it!

Brooklyn 13 days old

I’ve had a number of people say they want to embark on a similar challenge to the one I’m doing. It’s great to see I’ve inspired some of you to have a go. The program and nutrition plan I’ve put myself on is individualised for me. The meals work in with my daily commitments. And my workouts I do, take in to account what I feel will get me the fastest results, my current fitness level and what type of exercises that I enjoy doing.

Both men and women can most definitely embark on a similar program to what I’m doing but you need to individualise both the fitness and nutrition components to make it work for you.

I’m not a nutritionist but from what I know, it’s best to eat clean healthy unprocessed foods including meats, fish, vegies, fruit, seeds and complex carbohydrates. For weight loss, women should aim for about 1400 – 1800 calories a day. Men should aim for about 2100 – 2500. See http://www.boxclass.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/calorie_cheat_sheet_1.0.pdf for more information on calorie amounts. To count your calories use www.myfitnesspal.com. For most people, it doesn’t need to be more complicated than this. You don’t need to look around for some other magical way to do it, this will get you results – I’m proof.

There are different views out there as far as how much protein and carbohydrates that should make up your calorie intake for the day. I’ve gone with about 25% fat, 40% protein and 35% carbohydrates. Some of the advice out there suggests to have more carbs than protein (eg 45% carbohydrates and 30% Protein) and you may prefer a diet richer in carbohydrates. Either way, if you are staying under your calories you will probably get similar results.

Women will most likely find it a little harder and time consuming to drop the weight than men (sorry ladies it’s just the way it is) but the calorie intake and calorie expenditure equation I mentioned in week 1 still applies. Don’t throw in the towel just because your hubby is losing weight twice as fast.

As far as the type of exercise. Choose appropriate exercises to your fitness level. A 5km jog/walk could leave you as tired as what 10 x 1km intervals on the treadmill and rower leaves me. The main thing however is you’re getting your heart rate up high, pushing yourself and doing it frequently so that you’re burning loads of calories. If the Zumba class isn’t cutting it – get to a Box Class.

Thanks for reading and tune in next week.

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