I’ve surprised myself again and lost a further 1.4kg this week!

Weight = 82.9kg
Weight loss this week = 1.4kg
Total weight loss = 8.9kg

Exercise this week…

Monday – none (still a little sick)

Tuesday – 12.50pm pain in the Domain (free interval 6km run class) + 5.45pm Kettlebell Class

Wednesday – Kettlebell Class 6am Rushcutters Bay

Thursday – 15 x 400 meter sprints, every 2min 30sec, all less than 1min 23sec (1 min 7 sec rest)

Friday – Boxing 60 minutes (Check out my boxing video from last week’s Blog if you missed it)

Saturday – 2km swim (including sprints)

Sunday – 1km rower & 1km treadmill x 5, slowest split on the rower was 3min 40 sec, treadmill each 1km was done on 16.5km/hr + 10 minutes abs

Mia and me pushups

What happened this week…

My second last week of my 6 weeks was another pretty good week. I struggled finding time for a few of my workouts after missing Monday because I was sick. I would have liked to do a bit more. I was lucky enough to be able to participate in a couple of the Kettlebell classes as I knew I’d be struggling juggling everything and finding time this week.

Brooklyn is still in hospital although he is doing well. I’m hoping he’ll be out before I finish the challenge. We were told that his B12 levels were low and that there was a possibility, he could have a rare case of vitamin B12 deficiency where it can lead to problems with his brain development. We stressed over this for a few days but results came back later in the week which had him in the low but normal range.

Highlights this week…

Thursdays workout I completed 15 x 400metre sprints on the 2min 30sec, all laps less than 1min 23sec per lap, with 1 min 7sec rest between laps. That probably means nothing to you but it was bloody hard, and I’ve really noticed a big improvement with this session in particular from my initial couple of 400 meter sessions in the early weeks.

Saturday’s workout on the treadmill and the rower was a good one. I did my best splits ever. I was on 16.5km/hr on the treadmill for every run and my slowest time on the rower for 1km was 3min 40sec. I feel pretty fit and I feel like my body is used to being pushed to its limits.

Nutrition this week…

Calories per day were around the 2200 mark at a split of about 40% protein, 35% carbohydrate and 25% fat (same as previous weeks). I’ve noticed on myfitnesspal that my Iron levels are never high enough so I’ve started taking an iron supplement everyday to compensate. Here is a short video of a day’s meals that I’ve had:

To ensure my body gets all its required fuel in a limited calorie diet, I frequently eat the following types of foods:
Oates (fibre rich, antioxidant rich, carbohydrate rich, low in sugar and fat)

Brown rice (fibre rich, good source of complex carbohydrates, low in sugar and fat)
Seeds (good fats)
Vegetables and Fruits (vitamins and minerals)
Chicken (rich in protein and low in saturated fat)
Tuna (rich in protein, low in fat and convenient to eat on the run)
Whey protein powder (protein rich, low in fat and sugar, convenient way to increase protein in your day)

As I said, I haven’t been getting my recommended daily intake of Iron according to myfitnesspal. Keep an eye on not just your calories and macronutrients but also your RDI of saturated fat, sodium, iron, sugar and vitamins and adjust your diet accordingly.

Take a Packed Lunch

I haven’t been allocating myself a ‘cheat meal’ as I think if you’re changing your diet up a little everyday you will naturally have some days slightly higher in calories than other days (some research suggests this prevents your body from going in to ‘starvation mode’ when eating low calories every day), I’ve just been making sure that when I average the week out, I come in within my calorie goals. Sometimes on a Saturday and Sunday I have to eat according to what macronutrients I need to eat more of or less of. Usually it’s less fat and more protein to make sure my weekly % macronutrient goals fit into my goals of approximately 25% Fat, 40% protein, 35% carbohydrates. If you’re having trouble getting started with myfitnesspal, perhaps the video below will help. Take note of his instructions on how to change your macronutrient goals.

What’s been my secret to success?

Accountability has been the biggest thing for me. Writing this blog has kept me totally accountable. I know if I stray from the plan I’m going to have to write it in this blog. That’s been the main driver for me in staying on track. If I didn’t have to reveal that I had a couple of beers, or that I only did 3 workouts this week then I would have probably strayed a lot more often over the past 5 weeks. For those embarking on their own challenge, this accountability is the key. You can replicate the accountability I’ve felt with my blog simply by telling people about your goals and what you’re doing. Being accountable to a mentor or people that you respect is a very powerful motivator.

I’m a little surprised by the amount of negativity that I’ve received from some people. I’ve being questioned ‘why on earth would I do this?’ or ‘why would I want to lose weight?’ or ‘don’t lose any more weight!’ and, I’ve been thinking about how society views weight loss. It’s like a dirty word. After all, I’m being extremely healthy, exercising, eating the best foods and best amounts of foods to fuel my body that I know of. Yet, some people question if it’s healthy, good for you, and why do it. It baffles me. For me, I’m proud to be able to say that I’ve achieved something and I think this whole experience particularly in following through with the 6 week challenge with all the adversity has made me a stronger character and it has helped me believe in myself a little more. Whatever challenges are thrown at me in the future, I’ll be or the more confident in my strength to overcome them.

With only a week to go I’m storming home and I’m looking forward to revealing a totally new and transformed ‘ME’ in my final post for the 6 weeks – prepare to be amazed at the difference!

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