It is dream for most of us to have a flat stomach, tight abdomen and six pack abs. we all try to look for short cuts and simpler ways to achieve them but often it is not as simple as we think and require a lot of hard work and practice to have them. Though bitter, it is the ugly truth one has to accept.

Stiff, tight and ripped abs is the main asset of a strong physique. There are two main issues that have to be solved to get the six pack abs. first point is to burn the fat and flatten the stomach and the second is to build the muscles by doing the abs exercises. One cannot lose fat at a single place; the only way to get the abs is to work on the entire body, lose the fat and then concentrate on building the muscles.

Here are a few tips to make your dream of six pack abs come true:

  • Target: Set the target. Have a definite goal, a nice plan. Motivation is a key factor, whatever may happen never lose the motivation. Though it is going to take some time, be patient and work on it to see your dream come true.


  • Nutrition: To burn fat, you need not stop eating and workout with an empty stomach. Instead, have a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates and fluids; reduce calorie consumption. Avoid junk foods, have 4-6 medium meals a day then 3 big meals


  • Don’t cut fat: Instead of cutting out the fats totally, intake good fats like olive oil, fish, nuts which will lower cholesterol and help body function better than usual.


  • Water: Water flushes toxins out of the body so consume as much as possible and also carry a water bottle or sports fluids to have energy supply before, during and after the workouts.


  • Cardio:  Cardiovascular exercises are the best way to burn the body fat. These exercises normally include swimming, running, cycling, jogging and walking etc. It is better to do these 3- 5 days a week and increase it to 45 minutes per session.


  • Abs Workout: Do this 2- 3 days a week as normally as other workouts. Start slow and workout completely and concentrate on muscles by doing crunches, oblique crunches, front leg raises, sit- ups, ball crunches, side bends and side twists.


  • Sleep well: Sleep is the most important part of any workout. To not get tired very soon during a workout session, it is important to have a good night sleep before the day of workout. An average person needs 6- 8 hours of sleep a day, during which the body recovers from the trauma of workout and strengthens itself for the next.


It takes different time for different people to get a toned, ripped six pack abs. It differs from one to other, so don’t rush or panic or lose hope during the session. Have patience, follow a healthy diet and have a good exercise regimen and a definite goal to see yourselves with six pack abs and definitely your dream will come true. All the best!

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