Corporate Fitness Classes

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Why Corporate Fitness?

In the competitive corporate environment, optimising the health and wellbeing of employees is a requirement for good business. Corporate health and employee wellness initiatives that address the work-life balance of staff have a positive impact on a company’s success by enhancing its ability to:

– increase staff productivity and efficiency
– reduce employee absenteeism
– become an employer of choice

– employee fitness programs demonstrates to staff that the company cares about their wellbeing which helps to attract and retain a committed workforce

– reduce and effectively manage workplace stress
– boost staff morale and motivation

Request a Free Corporate Box Class for your team.

Why Box Class?

Box Class specialises in helping companies achieve greater business efficiency through a specific corporate boxing fitness program. Corporate fitness boxing is fantastic team exercise and Box Class are the best at delivering quality classes! It’s a fabulous way for employees to exercise together in an interactive way as a group. Box Class, is a motivating staff incentive, in return, your company will reap the benefits of fit, happy and energized staff, helping to create a vibrant and healthy corporate culture within your workplace.

We’ve been running Boxing Classes for companies for over a decade so we know how to tailor to each corporate team’s needs and abilities. Boxing participants will burn calories, lose weight, increase cardio fitness and release stress. Boxing really is the ultimate physical workout and interactive executive health activity – that’s why Box Class specialises in it.



We service locations within 30 minutes of Sydney CBD at a location that’s convenient and at a time that suits (park or onsite).



Companies have the option to fully or partially fund the corporate boxing program. Alternatively, management can just promote and encourage team enrolment, though have staff pay for the fitness program themselves. Box Class cater for corporate fitness classes of up to 30 participants. All equipment is supplied and classes are 50-60min in length giving a fun, fast boxing blast. Contact us for a quote.


Request a Free Corporate Box Class for your team.


“The boxing classes have been great for team building and adding a sense of fun and excitement to the working week. we all had loads of laughs, got to see a different side of our workmates, and were able to see an improvement in our fitness, motivation and energy levels” Nicole Jeanneret…Lifespan Financial Planning

“ The boxing sessions are great… they encouraged us to take that break in the day to energise and clear the mind and have some fun whilst playing on an equal playing field with colleagues regardless of their gender and age.” Gary Lightfoot…ANZ

“We started up our corporate boxing class a few months ago and we all love it. Not only is it great exercise but it’s nice to get out of the office over lunch and do something different.” Kate Selman…Northrop

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