The importance of fitness is growing day- by- day and people are struggling to maintain fitness in the hectic modern life.  Though people are trying to realize the importance of exercise and fitness, fitness mistakes are also increasing. Safety is very important while we exercise. One can achieve maximum benefits only with minimum number of injuries. Therefore, here we present the Do’s and Don’ts of fitness.

Do’s: Do These to Have a Beneficial and Safe Workout.

ü  Warm up Your Body: Warm up exercises is given least importance by many people during workouts but very few realize the importance of these warm up exercises. Ignoring these warming up exercises may lead to tearing up of muscles because you suddenly start giving a lot of work to them when they are in a cold state. So give a few minutes for warm up like walking or jogging before performing a rigorous workout.


ü  Stretch; a lit bit more: People tend to forget the importance of stretching during workout. Stretching gives a positive effect of flexibility and avoids the problem of muscle tightening and strain. This stretching should usually be done after a workout when the muscles are still warm.


ü  Drink zero calories while burning calories: Water is a magical drink which how much ever consumed doesn’t deposit any calories in our body. It has purely zero calories. So when you are thirsty, which means your body is sending you signals that you are dehydrated by two percent, drink water. Drinking water regularly during workouts saves you from dehydration and helps you gain fitness.


ü  Trainer is there to help you: Many people fail to recognize which kind of workout best suits them and this is why there are trainers available and it is a wise decision to consult a trainer if you are not sure about the workout that suits your body. Also, a trainer can help you to select optimal levels of workout since very little workout fetches nothing and too much workout results problems.


Don’ts: Avoid These To Have a Beneficial and Safe Workout:


X      Too much is too bad:  Yes, too much is too bad, let it be workout or lifting weights. We have to lift weights that are suitable for us. Too much of weight could make the muscles strain. Gradual increase could be a better option but one should not strain the muscles at a time.

X      Do not lean on the machine; they are not for resting: Many feel that fitness machines like treadmills and cross- trainers can be used to lean on them. This might prove dangerous as they can hurt the wrist and back. We must be alert and check our posture during workout.

X      No jerking: We usually tend to jerk while trying to lift heavy weights but this can cause strain in the muscles and cause injuries. So to lift smoothly, strength training is a must.

X      Is rest so important: Yes, Rest is important. Adequate amount of rest helps us fight post exercise stress. Relaxing the muscles makes them stronger and powerful and ready for next workout. Also it is important to rest the over stressed muscles and concentrate on the other for some time.

We workout to achieve fitness and health but not problems and injuries; with any muscular injury, we go off the track of our fitness regime. So, it is important to listen to our body than others and workout with a plan that best suits our body to keep us fit and healthy.

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