Have you ever looked at the cast-iron like, bowling balls with a handle on them in your gym and wondered what on earth you could possibly use them for other than an ugly doorstop? These, my friends are Kettlebells, the crucial piece of equipment to revolutionize your exercise and fat burning world. Kettlebells are looked upon by experts as the ultimate training tool for physical development and all round fitness.  Kettlebell classes will create the body you want when laying on Bondi Beach in the middle of Sydney’s most glamorous. A 20-minute kettlebell workout will set alight almost 300 calories and when you factor in the the calories burned after you train as your body repairs its muscle fibers, the total could increase by up to 50%. This means you burn 450 calories in 20 minutes opposed to say an hour at the gym – NICE!!


With Kettlebells we can guarantee your body will look and feel the best it can, and here is why. The idea is you use basic resistance moves such as presses, and squats, while pushing or swinging the Kettlebell. This accelerates your heart rate and works your muscles, in very little time, producing results quickly and efficiently. The bell throws you slightly off balance, so you are forced to work your core to stay upright. This means you create a trim waist, rock-hard abs, muscular back, strong chest, toned arms and powerful legs all at the same time. Because Kettlebell training engrosses multiple muscle groups and energy systems all at once, you are working on everything you need to at the one time. So your workout is cut in half.


So if you have buns of cinnamon, though, want buns of steel, then this is the band wagon you should be jumping on.  There is no better way to burn fat, build muscle form and release the stress of city living.


Kettlebell Class will give you the lean and toned (not bulky) body that you are aiming for. Start slashing off that unwelcomed excess of vicious body fat using BoxClass Kettlebell class. It is your proven system to produce the body you want and deserve.


The Bottom Line: Lose body fat, gain muscle, and change your body in half the time regular exercise…Give me some skin!!