Ok, we have started with an exercise regimen. We are all excited on the first day, but how many days does this excitement last? An interesting fact, according to a study is that only 19% stick to their regular exercise routine. The main reason for this is lack of motivation and this is the problem of majority of people who skip their workout regime.  Is it so hard to follow the routine? Let us now see five ways to stick to our workout routine.

  • Avoid exercising alone: Do not exercise alone. Have a companionship; let it be a trainer or friend or even spouse. Having a company always helps us to stick to the routine daily. Studies show that people with the company of their spouse have the chance of sticking to their program by 90%.


  • Goal: we all set goals for various things we do. We set short term and long term goals. In the same way set a goal for the exercise routine. Start with small goals, monitor them constantly, check the progress and make necessary changes to achieve it.


  • Talk; make it an open secret: Talk about your goal, do not keep it secret anymore. Talk to your buddies and tell them the goal and what you have done to accomplish it. With this you get not only encouragement but also moral support that will help you reach your goal to stay fit and healthy.


  • Do not rush: How many still have the excitement that they had on the first day? You do not find the same enthusiasm and zeal that you had the first day and walked for 45 minutes instead of the 30 minute goal you set up. This is because you rush in the starting and fail to meet the minimum next day due to strain. So, start with small exercises and gradually increase them.


  • Be creative: Being a little creative doesn’t hurt anyone. You need not always start the day or continue the exercise with the same old boring routine. Try something new every time possible. Go swimming, trek, rafting or playing your favorite sport and thus keep up your exercise routine to meet your ultimate goal of staying fit and healthy.


Always remember that a well set 20- 30 minute exercise regimen daily should be enough for a person to stay fit and healthy. Don’t worry if you skipped your routine, you can always start it fresh because “it is better late than never!”.

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