Yes, fitness training with a friend has its benefits.



It makes exercise social. Exercising doesn’t have to be chore. Yes it can be hard and uncomfortable. Yes your mattress is a much more comfortable place to be at 6am in the morning than at your local park doing burpees (if you don’t know what they are then you need to pay close attention to this article). Working out and being able to chat, can make the time go by quickly, and it’s so much more fun that you may actually forget you’re even exercising.


It’s easy to break a commitment to yourself, but much harder to break a commitment to a friend. Having someone who’s counting on you to be there makes it less likely that you’ll skip it or put it off. It’ll motivate you to go knowing your friend expects you to be there.


Your leisurely jog around the park doesn’t cut it. One of the first things you learn as fitness trainer is that Exercise Intensity is one of the most important aspects that will get your clients the results they want. Put simply – the harder you push yourself the better result you’ll get. By going further, faster and heavier you’ll magnify your results exponentially. The right training partner will help you boost intensity. Just like they help keep you accountable to show up, they’ll help keep you accountable to push yourself to do the best you can do. They’ll encouragement you to find your competitive spirit.

PS: What I’ve found in over a decade of fitness training is that the people that stay most committed to working out and get the best results are those that train with friends. As a trainer for over a decade, I’ve had thousands of clients who have come and gone. For the most part, the people that stay are those people that develop friendships. In fact, I’ll go as far as saying I’ve built my business with this in mind. If people become friends in my group fitness classes, they’ll more likely enjoy the workouts, want to turn up so they don’t let their friends down and push themselves harder because it feels good to get one over your mate.

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