The main point for weight loss is controlling the portions of food we eat. It is very tough to control when we have so many delicacies and varieties around us and the snacks we eat are often supersized. For some people food acts as a drug; and so to satisfy this addiction we unknowingly consume more and more food.

A ‘portion’ is the amount of food we consume at one time. Portion size implies the number of calories we consume. Dietitians say that portion control is the central key to healthy eating and keep our weight under control. Here are some tips to maintain the portion size under control.

ü  Increase quality not quantity: Consume fiber- rich foods like cereals and vegetables than fast- foods. Fiber- foods make us feel fuller for long time and so we eat less. Fast foods do not have nutrients and hence we feel hungry and tend to eat again thus consuming lot of calories.

ü  Cleaning the plates:  Completing the food in the plate is usually a good habit but a very bad habit for the people who try to lose weight. Skipping the leftovers in the plate can save a lot of calories.

ü  Reduce the size of dishes: The bigger size of the plate, the more we consume. So, if we can reduce the size of the dish, we consume a little lesser than usual.  Eat with a small spoon and savor the meal.

ü  Concentrate on eating:  Watching TV or working with the computer will distract us and that will lead to over eating. So sit down and focus on eating but not on any other issue.

ü  Eat regularly: Eating regularly at regular intervals will maintain the metabolism rate otherwise we may consume more food in the next meal thus gain weight.

ü  Water: Water keeps us full for a long time. Being hydrated avoids overeating; if you don’t like drinking too much water, drink green tea. Green tea thirty minutes before meals can curb the appetite.

ü  Eat slowly: Eating slowly gives the brain a message that you are full. Savor the meal; put the fork down between the meals to keep the portion under control.

ü  Avoid dine out: Eating out is the biggest enemy of weight loss. Avoid eating out while you are starving. Even if you eat outside make sure that you order fiber- rich foods which will cause less damage to the weight loss goal.

ü  Calorie count: measuring and weighing everything you eat can help you consume lesser calories. Read the labels on the purchased food for the amount of calories and make the measuring cup and scales an important part of your daily life.

ü  Share a meal: Sharing a meal has many benefits, apart from socializing, both of you can still be full after sharing the meal thus ensuring less calorie intake.

Though, cutting on a meal and maintaining the portion size is tough in the starting, later it would maintain very efficiently our weight and thus ensure good health.

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