Today, twenty four hours- a- day are not sufficient for us to match with the hectic life style because of which we are always on the toes to meet the deadlines and in the due course neglect the most important thing that keeps us healthy- Healthy food! We eat; eat anything that is fast to cook and tasty to eat but how many of us realize that these kind of eating habits are unhealthy? Even if they realize how many are changing their food habits from unhealthy to healthy?

So, eating is easy but eating healthy isn’t easy. But with little consciousness towards our health and little amount of planning we can be assured that we intake nutrient- rich food and help ourselves to stay healthy. Here are some tips and tricks to get started towards leading healthy life by eating healthy.

  • Try New- Not fast foods but ‘Nutrient- rich’ foods:

Our body needs forty different nutrients to maintain good health and these can be obtained from various varieties like whole- grain products, fruits, vegetables, bread, milk, meat, eggs, fish and other protein- rich foods.

  • Too little or too much can make it worse:

Eating too little or too much at- a- time will not help staying fit or healthy but still worsens the health. Eating moderate portions is the only option to survive healthy. We should be aware that eating a medium piece of fruit is equal to one serving but one pint of ice cream is equal to four servings. A recommended amount of cooked meat for a person is three ounces (eighty five grams) which equals to the size of a deck of playing cards.

  • Cut down on Sugars, Salts and other Refined- Grain foods:

Sugar is the main ingredient of many varieties of foods; may it be donuts or desserts or even soft drinks. One soft drink (three hundred ml or nearly ten ounces) a day, which has about 130 calories per intake, can cause an increase of six kg (13 pounds) to your weight in a year.

ü  Instead of a donut and a highly sweetened coffee, eat whole- grain breakfast cereals like shredded wheat or wheat flakes, oatmeal, muesli and bran cereals.

ü  Choose whole wheat pasta over conventional pastas.

ü  Eat fruits and vegetables frequently as they contain less salts and sugars (unless preserved) than prepared foods.

ü  Turn it over to read the nutrition facts on a prepared food before consuming.

ü  Opt for fresh or frozen fish, poultry, meat and shell fish instead of canned or processed varieties.

  • Do you have these included in your diet plan?

Have you noticed if you consume 3-5 servings of vegetables and 2-4 servings of fruits? Surveys scream to include 6- 11 servings of bread, rice, pasta and cereals and strongly suggest that any three of these ‘should’ be whole grains.

  • Say ‘YES’ to Water:

Most of us are aware that 75% of our body is water. It plays a vital role in maintaining good health. Water flushes wastes and toxins from kidneys and bladder. Do you still want to say ‘no’ to water?

  • Say ‘No’ to Fat:

The fat in animal products is saturated fat. Saturated fat when consumed turns into cholesterol, which increases the level of blood- cholesterol which, as we all know can have harmful effects. Small amounts of mono- unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats may be beneficial to health but still do you want to say ‘yes’ to fat foods?

  • Dieting is controlling of meals; not skipping them:

Skipping meals leads to out of control hunger thus leading to consume more than usual food. Skipping meals is skipping essential nutrients’ intake. Will you still skip meals?

  • Limit but need not eliminate that food which you love:

Food is not just nutrition but pleasure to our taste buds too; but sometimes! Limit your favorite food if it is high in fat, sugar or salt and watch the consumption amount and frequency.

  • Alcohol- Bottoms up is not fashion but is fatal:

Alcohol is definitely not for children and adults should also have control over their consumption. Two standard drinks for men and one standard drink for women is a high limit per day.

  • Snacks:

Now what could be said about snacks?  Well, giving a treat to the taste buds is definitely fun and they even satisfy our sweet and salt cravings but foods that have high amounts of salt or sugar are not good for health so it better to reduce eating them often.

  • Eat slow, chew more:

This is one of the best fitness mantras. We often tend to rush our food forgetting the flavor, texture and even the item that we are eating. Eat slowly, enjoy each bite, reconnect to the joy of eating.

  • Say ‘no’ to stress while eating:

Watching TV (especially crime or other related disturbing programs) or arguing while eating may upset the digestion and can even cause problems like heartburn. Avoid these as much as possible.

  • Early eating and eating often:

Jump start your day with a healthy breakfast and eventually consuming your food of day early gives the body enough time to digest them. Also, by eating often and moderate portions we can help our digestive system to digest the food without any complications.

  • Food checklist:

The main tool to change the diet plan and lose weight is to have a checklist of what they consume. It helps in tracking what we eat, when we eat and how much we eat; which makes a great difference while trying to reduce weight.

Lastly, a child learns to walk by taking one step at- a- time; similarly if you are planning to change your diet take one step at- a- time. Remember ‘slow and steady wins the race’. Have a great day!

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