If you’re someone who has set out to make any type of body transformation, be it losing body fat or building up lean muscle mass tissue, without a question of a doubt, assessing your current diet will be a must.


Having good nutrition in place is going to account for up to 80% of the results that you see with your approach so it’s something that must not go overlooked.


One of the key components of formulating a good fat loss or muscle building diet is making sure that your protein requirements are being met, so the question often arises as to whether or not you should be using protein powder.


You’ve seen many others using it in the gym before you but may have had this notion that protein powder was only for professional bodybuilders or guys who really wanted to get big and muscular.


So what’s the real deal with protein powder? Do you really need this for good results? Or can you do without it and still achieve your goals?


Let’s take a closer look into the protein powder controversy so that you can separate fact from fiction.


Point #1: Protein Powder Will Build Muscle Quickly


The very first point to address is the notion that using protein powder will help you build muscle fast. There are those people who think that simply by taking protein powder, they’ll build more muscle. After all, since muscles are made of muscle, by using protein powder you’re giving your body what it needs to build muscle quickly, right?


Not quite.  What you must remember here is that there’s no magical property about protein powder that’s going to instantly pack on muscle to your frame.

Protein powder, just like chicken, fish, or egg whites contains all the amino acids the body does require to build up lean muscle tissue, but there’s nothing amazingly miraculous about protein powder that sets it apart from the other sources listed.


So whether you eat three ounces of chicken breast or drink a protein shake, you’re still just delivering protein to the body.


Point #2: Protein Powder Is Rapidly Absorbed


Now, one thing that you must consider however that does give protein powder a slight edge over chicken, fish, or egg whites is the fact that if you purchase a whey isolate protein powder, this has been designed to break down incredibly rapidly by the body, thus it’ll be absorbed much faster.


Since immediately after a workout you want to get those amino acids to the muscle tissues as quickly as possible with no time to spare, this does make protein powder slightly superior in this instance.


Point #3: Protein Powder Offers A Convenient Way To Get In Protein


Third, also keep in mind the convenience factor of protein powder.  If you’re like most people, you don’t have time to prepare and eat six chicken breasts a day. That would just be a bit too much for almost anyone as you have a life to lead.


But, if you fail to reach your protein requirements, this will definitely influence your progress.


Since protein powder is incredibly quick and convenient – just shake and drink, this makes meeting those requirements much easier.  For many people, using protein powder can mean the difference between meeting their protein requirements or not, therefore also the difference between seeing results from their efforts or not.


So what’s the bottom line? Do you need protein powder to reach your goals? In short, no.  As long as you are sure to get protein from other great sources such as chicken, fish, lean red meat, egg whites, or low fat dairy products you certainly still could achieve dietary success.


But, your results may be slightly better using the protein powder due to that rapid absorption factor when used in the post-workout period.


If you’re someone who doesn’t get enough protein in with their diet unless protein powder is used though, then yes, protein powder will be a must for you.


So assess your situation. Realize that there’s nothing magical about protein powder that will transform your body but that it does offer many benefits that most people find highly appealing. 


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