Running is a kind of exercise that has many benefits. Most of us run for various reasons; one may do it to stay fit and other may do it to control mental stress. Whatever is the reason; benefits of running also depend on the way one chooses to run; though it is not an irreversible decision, there are significant differences between treadmill’s running vs. outdoor running.

Impact:  Both of the exercise formats have their own significance. Road or grassy cushions have a higher impact than a treadmill. If we do a lot of running, we have to aware of the impact that we encounter as it may cause damage in the future.

Effectiveness: Treadmill enables us to use lesser energy while running as its belt drags our feet back and hence we use less energy on the treadmill. But both types of exercises have their effectiveness. Effectiveness can be measured as the love and dedication towards the exercises. We can think of it as; if we don’t enjoy running outdoors, then we are probably not going to follow the regime. Additionally, we won’t put in the same effort if we really loved running outside.

Wind resistance: we cannot experience the force of the wind if we choose treadmill because we will spend a lot more calories if we run outside and experience the wind resistance but if we want to spend the same amount of calories as outdoor running, increase the treadmill incline by 1% and we can spend nearly the same amount of calories as outdoor running along with the wind.

Accessibility: Outdoor running has its benefits. Put on your shoes and there you go. There may also be problems like over crowd at certain parts or no convenient timings after work. The main advantage with the treadmill is that we need not dodge people and can go running anytime. The main disadvantage is that it is convenient only if we have a treadmill at home or gym nearby.

Propelling the body: The main difference between outdoor and treadmill running with regard to propelling our body is that, while running outdoor our body experiences forward propelling and needs more energy. But treadmill running has a rearward movement and we spend lesser calories.

Measurable results: Running outdoor many factors influence us and our measurements may not be as accurate as on a treadmill; on the other hand, treadmill has a mechanism to count the number of miles ran, calories spent, heart beat rate, incline and speed. By having these measurements, we can often check with our goal and make necessary changes.

Weather: One of the greatest advantages with treadmill is that we can run in any kind of weather, let it be snow, ice, rain or heat and can adjust the temperature and continue the exercise.

Convenience: With having a treadmill, anyone at any time can use it and need not rush to the park to go running. We also need not feel bad that we are going to miss the favorite programs on TV. Some treadmills have built in TVs and speakers to listen the music.

Safety:  Safety is an issue with both outdoor running and gym. In the gym there are chances of falling off the treadmill thus leading to injuries whereas in the case of outdoor running there can be problems like muggings and attacks on women and children.

Cost:  this is self-explanatory. Even a used treadmill may cost high when compared to outdoor running.

Space in the home: With a large home, space should not be a problem but if we have a space constraint, a treadmill will obviously be a matter of concern.

Fresh air: Fresh air is always good for the lungs and we cannot get that fresh air while on the treadmill even with all the windows open.

Privacy: If privacy is going to be the issue, treadmill is the best option since no one is going to bother by staring us or commenting while we run outside. Just lock the door and enjoy the run.

If you are training to run then it is better to run outside or maintain in such a way that 60% of the training is done outside so that our muscles and joints are prepared for a varied terrain. Wrapping this, we can say that with many distractions (TV, music, comfort) treadmill running feels to be the easiest but spends a lesser calories compared to outdoor running which though feels to be the hardest, spends many calories thus shedding weight faster than using a treadmill.

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