If you’re a female looking to get in shape, it’s going to be very important that you don’t let yourself fall for any one of the common strength training myths that are out there. Many women tend to shy away from weight lifting altogether as they feel that it’s more of a ‘guys’ exercise and instead they should opt for cardio training or something like yoga or Pilates.


This is a big mistake however as strength training has numerous benefits to offer a woman including a faster metabolism, increased fat loss, enhanced muscle and bone strength, and a much better overall toned look about the body.


To ensure you don’t skip out on this variety of exercise, let’s take a quick look at some of the most common women’s weight lifting myths that you should know about so there’s no question in your mind that this form of exercise is for you.


You’ll Develop Big, Bulky Muscles


The very first myth that circulates around with regards to women’s weight lifting is that you will build big bulky muscles when you weight train. This, however, is furthest from the truth.


The fact of the matter is that women simply do not have the hormones present in their body, namely testosterone, to develop that degree of lean muscle mass. This is the predominant thing that separates males from females.


Women will build muscle at just a fraction of the rate males will and often aren’t eating nearly enough calories to support muscle growth in the first place.


Remember, muscle growth is a high-energy process so unless you’re making an active effort to eat plenty of food each day, which most women aren’t, you won’t get bulky.


You Will Lose Breast Tissue


The second myth that circulates around about women’s weight lifting is that it will cause you to lose your breast tissue. Women fear that they will get flat-chested if they start working these muscles.


Again, this isn’t the case. The only way that you will lose breast tissue is if you approach very low body fat levels. Since the breasts are primarily made up of fatty tissue, any time you lose weight, you will see a slight reduction in breast size.


If anything, weight lifting will actually enhance the look of your chest as it’s going to increase your cleavage line.


You Will Gain Fat If You Lose The Muscles


Finally, the third myth that many women fall for with regards to weight lifting is that if they lift weights and then stop, all that muscle they build will turn to body fat.


This again is not the case. Muscle can never be converted into body fat just like body fat can never be converted into muscle mass. It would be like trying to change and apple to an orange or vice versa. It just isn’t going to happen.


What may happen if you stop weight training is that you may lose lean muscle mass and as you do your metabolism slows down so if you don’t make a corresponding adjustment in your diet you could put on body fat, but you will never see muscle turn to fat.


If anything, weight training will help to prevent fat gain since it does cause the metabolism to increase.
So there you have the three most common weight lifting myths that are commonly believed by women. Are you falling for any of these?

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